How long does it take to have an appointment or an operation?
We know that a long waiting list in unfair to the patient, so we try to fix all appointments within a month of the call.

How long do I stay in the practice?
We try to respect all scheduled appointments; most of the time, the examination takes 20 to 30 minutes, but some special examinations take more time. (Max. 2 hours).

Can someone accompany me?
Of course!

Who is performing the surgery?
In all cases, Dr. Mathys himself operates cataracts, PRK and Lasik..
Dr Sevilla deals with some laser retinal treatments.

Do I need to take a few days off?
Sometimes; depending on the case, we can give a certificate to have a few days off.

When do I need to consult an ophtalmologist ?
For any blurred vision, red eye, foreign body sensation, accident to the eye,… But also on a regular basis, to check the eyesight, eye pressure, the retina, …
And generally once a year after the age of 40, or once a year when wearing optical correction (glasses, contact lenses).
An annual check-up is also indicated after any surgery.

In case of emergency, can I come immediately? What during the WE?
We deal with emergencies during the practice hours; it is always possible to leave a message or contact a doctor during the WE, so that he can help you or see you if necessary.


We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.