This website has been developed following the advice of the Belgian “Ordre des Médecins” for its ethical and deontological content.

Doctor Bernard Mathys wants to adhere to these rules.

The goal of this website is purely informative, and not to make any publicity, nor for the surgeon, nor for any particular technique.

The described surgical techniques are recognized and approved by different scientifical societies; the general content of this website is approved and recommended by the BSCRS (Belgian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) in its brochures concerning eye operations, thanks to the work of several ophthalmologists. The BSCRS counts 220 members, all ophthalmologists.

The mentioned diseases are the most frequently encountered in this specialty, the list is obviously not exhaustive but allows you to understand the terminology in most cases.

Finally, the reading of this website will never replace the consultation and the dialogue between a patient and his doctor, where all the particularities of the individual and his eventual medical history will be taken into account.


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