Other services

Topography and review

We also want to review all our operations once a year, in order to perform a topography of the cornea and a general examination of control, with measurement of the refraction, the tension of the eye, verification of the retina, etc.

This means that we take care of the complete follow-up after any surgery.

We provide a detailed report of our observations to any other doctor who requests it or who entrusts us with his patients.

We check and adapt the contact lenses if necessary.

Annual control

We want to see our patients every year to control their visual acuity, eye strain, and retina. Driver’s license – Driving licenses.
We also practice the required exams for driver’s licenses and pilot licenses.

Driver's license - Driving licenses

We also practice the required exams for driver’s licenses and pilotage licenses.

"Diagnostic" platform

A “diagnostic platform” has come to supplement our equipment, in order to carry out further examinations of the cornea, and in particular the analysis of eye aberrations, or “wavefront”.

This is a very important step towards so-called personalized treatments, where the computer determines the aberrations of the eye case by case and calculates the best ablation possible for the laser, in order to obtain the best possible visual result .

This would be the way of the future in refractive surgery…

At the cutting edge of technology

In order to complete our examinations, a new visual field measuring device has been installed; this is a test of primary importance for the follow-up of patients with glaucoma or neurological disorders.


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